Oracle Technologies Blog


MOS Scripts

  1. Oracle Applications System Administration Scripts[Document 214088.1]
  2. Oracle Applications Object Library SQL scripts[Document 108185.1]
  3. Concurrent Processing – How to Find Database Session & Process Associated with a Concurrent Program Which is Currently Running.[Document 735119.1]
  4. Concurrent Processing (CP) / APPS Reporting Scripts[Document 213021.1]
  5. Diagnostic Scripts: 11i – Hanging SQL – Find the Statement Causing Process to Hang[Document 186472.1]
  6. Workflow Scripts[Document 183643.1]
  7. Workflow Queues Creation Scripts[Document 398412.1]
  8. Scripts and Tips for Monitoring CPU Resource Manager[Document 1338988.1]
  9. Utility /Script To Check The Techstack Component Versions (Forms, Http Server, JDK, Framework, Database, etc)[Document 601736.1]
  10. Script to monitor JDBC connections in Apps eBusiness Suite [ID 557194.1]
  11. script to determine "active users" for OACoreGroup [427759.1]



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