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One Response to “FORUMS”

  1. pankaj sharma said


    I am getting problem while starting the CRS. Below is the necessary details:

    1) I am using oracle 11g R2 RAC, with 2 node named RAC1 and RAC2
    2) I have 3 diskgroup named DATA, DATA1, DATA2
    3) OCR and voting disks are stored on ASM diskgroup

    On node RAC1, CRS is started and /etc/oracle/ocr.loc is having the below entry:


    On node RAC2, CRS is stopped and /etc/oracle/ocr.loc is having the below entry:


    Please note the difference in “ocrmirrorconfig_loc”. The difference was occured because I updated the OCR location on RAC1 when RAC2 was down.

    Now I am trying to repair the OCR on the RAC2 using below command. This command must be run as root user when HA service is started but CRS must be stopped.

    ocrconfig -repair -replace +DAT2 -replacement +DATA1

    but this showing error “PROT-21: Invalid parameter”, because to run this command diskgroup must be mounted. But diskgroup cannot be mounted until the CRS start. SO this is a conflicting situation.

    Please suggest how to overcome from this problem ?

    Please let me know if you required any other details.

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