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How To Setup CISCO VPN On iPhone

Posted by Srikrishna Murthy Annam on January 3, 2013

Apple announced that it can support cisco SSL VPN on iPhone from iOS 4 onwards.

Now in this article, i am going to guide, the steps involved in configuring CISCO VPN on your iPhone , iPod Touch and in iPad.

Navigate to  “Settings -> General -> VPN” and then tap “ON”. It will give you different options to configure VPN. Tap on  “IPSec”

For the configuration of the VPN on iPhone, we need to be ready with the following details. All these details are obtained from the VPN profile provided to us. It is a normal file with “.pcf” extention and you can open it with any notepad.

Description : This is the smal description of the
Server : Host value from .pcf file
Account : username used to connect to VPN
Password : Password provided to you to connect to VPN using above username
Group Name : This is value of “GroupName” in vpn profile. ( .pcf  file )
Secret : This is the most important part of this article. This is the value for “enc_GroupPwd” in encrypted form in “<vpnprofile>.pcf” file. We need to decrypt this value before entering in iPhone. I used the following url to decrypt the password and it worked for me all the time.

You can use any tool that can decrypt this password for you. Just open google and type “ipsec password decrypter” and you will get number of options.

After entering the secret value, save the values. It will then ask you for the password, enter your vpn password.

You should all be fine to use your private network  now.



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