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Posted by Srikrishna Murthy Annam on August 26, 2010

What is meant by COLD BACKUP? Is it possible to take COLD BACKUP with RMAN?

In the normal backup and recovery terms , COLD BACKUP is the backup taken when the database is completely down. Then how do we connect to database with RMAN when the database is down?
The RMAN differentiates between “inconsistent” and “consistent” backups on the basis of whether the database is OPEN or not during the Backup. It will not use the terms “COLD BACKUP” and “HOT BACKUP”.

For consistance RMAN RAC backup :

  1. Shutdown all the instances in a cluster
  2. connect to any one node and execute the following script

$rman target / nocatalog
startup mount;
allocate channel backup_disk1 type disk format ‘+FRA’;
backup full database;
shutdown immediate;
release channel backup_disk1;

Now we have the RMAN cold backup. Does it include online redo logs. How do we restore the RMAN backup taken earlier. Can we directly restore and open the database.


RMAN will not backup online redologs. So when you restore the database from the backup taken above , you cant directly open the database as you dont have the online redologs. You have to open the database with reset logs.

This article is an example to backup RAC database with ASM. When the RAC with ASM Storage provides the high availability , why should we think of cold backup !!!!!!. This articles is only for concepts purpose and the real time RAC backups with RMAN  are completely different.

Hope it helps ….



6 Responses to “RMAN COLD BACKUP FOR RAC , HOW ?”

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  2. swapna said

    Keep up your good work’s an amazing blog that you ‘ve put up !

  3. learnwithme11g said

    Thanks Swapna. 🙂

  4. (website flipping and domain flipping…

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  5. henry jackson said

    Excellent info but can I take this same rman backup restore it to the same hardware envirnoment on another server. I have been tasked to do this with rman and ASM.

  6. learnwithme11g said

    Hi Henry, The process is called RMAN duplication. Please follow my other article …


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