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Tracing DBCA

Posted by Srikrishna Murthy Annam on August 25, 2010

The present article discusses the tracing of DBCA. Sometimes you may be landing into issues when using the DBCA and you may not have any clue for the  error. Enabling the tracing for DBCA will give more detailed output showing some clue for the issue.

Till release 10g , we have to manually enable tracing …

Modify the jre command at the end of the  file : $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbca  as …

$JRE_DIR/bin/jre -DORACLE_HOME=$OH -DJDBC_PROTOCOL=thin -mx64m -DTRACING.ENABLED=true -DTRACING.LEVEL=2 -classpath $CLASSPATH oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.Dbca $ARGUMENTS

But from Release 10g onwards , this tracing is automatically enabled.

We can find the tracing file at

$ORACLE_HOME/cfgtoollogs/dbca/trace.log   ==> in 10g

$ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/dbca//trace.log  ==> in 11g

Hope it helps



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