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R12 Patching Enhancement

Posted by Srikrishna Murthy Annam on October 16, 2009

R12 Patching Enhancement:

Patching R12 Application Oracle Homes

  1. Opatch is used to apply patches to the 10.1.3 and 10.1.2 Oracle Homes.
  2. Requires access to the Oracle Homes inventory
  3. List of patches already applied through  Ex : Opatch lsinventory – detail

Application Patching Enhancements

  1. Codelines(12.0:A, 12.1:B) and Codelevels(R12.AD.A.1, R12.AD.A.2)
  2. Patch prereq checking: only require a codelevel as a prerequisite
  3. Registering flagged files to understand a patch’s impact on customizations
  • Replaces the applcust.txt file in 11i
  • Customized files are now maintained in database format
  • Display flagged files affected by a patch through impact analysis

Patch Application Assistant (

  1. PAA (Patch Application Assistant) is tool/Perl script to generate customized installation instructions for a patch in Oracle Applications R12 which helps user to track and perform manual steps during patching.
  2. cd $AD_TOP/bin ; perl -patch_top=<patch-top-directory> -appspass=<apps-password>

Patch Wizard functionality improvement

Easy to identify applied patch, file history and patch timing and action summary
Screen Shots :

Code Level and CodeLine :

code level

Codeline and codelevel

Patch Wizard :

patch wizard

Applied Patches :

Applied Patches

Register Flagged Patches :

Register Flagged Files

Patch Impact Analysis Summary :

Patch Impact Analysis Summary


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