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R12 FileSystem Architecture

Posted by Srikrishna Murthy Annam on September 19, 2009

R12 FileSystem Architecture

The new file system enables Oracle Applications files to be placed into one of the following categories, and located accordingly:
1) Data
2) Code
3) Configuration

Configuration files are typically modified more frequently than code and data files, so keeping them separate from these other types of file simplifies maintenance


R11i Location

R12 Location

APPL_TOP $HOME/appl $HOME/apps/apps_st/appl
COMMON_TOP $HOME/comn $HOME/apps/apps_st/comn
ORACLE_HOME $HOME/ora/8.0.6 $HOME/apps/tech_st/10.1.2
IAS_ORACLE_HOME $HOME/ora/iAS $HOME/apps/tech_st/10.1.3
ORACLE_HOME $HOME/db/10.2.0 $HOME/db/tech_st/10.2.0
ORADATA $HOME/data $HOME/db/apps_st/data
INST_TOP N/A $HOME/inst/apps/context_name

Imp PATHS Comparision

File or Variable R11i R12

Source File

APPSORA.env APPS.env, which executes:



Context File $APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK.xml $APPL_CONFIG_HOME/admin/$TWO_TASK.xml
OA_HTML $COMMON_TOP/html $COMMON_TOP/webapps/oacore/html
FND_SECURE $FND_TOP/secure/<SID>/ $INST_TOP/apps/fnd/12.0.0/secure/
ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts// $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/
LOG_HOME $APPL_TOP/admin//logs/ $INST_TOP/logs
FORMS_WEB_CONFIG_FILE N/A $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.2/forms/server/appsweb.cfg

R12 File system architecture_1
Scripts :

Script Function Run AutoConfig Stop all services Start all services Start/stop/status Apache Start/stop/status OC4J Forms Start/stop/status OC4J oacore Start/stop/status OPMN Start/stop RPC listeners (FNDFS/FNDSM) Start/stop Concurrent Manager Start/stop FNDSM Start/stop Fulfillment Server Cloning preparation script Start/stop/status of OC4J Execute SQL scripts that update profiles in AutoConfig run Used to call Java with additional arguments (OPMN, CM)

LogFiles and Loc :

Log File Name Log File Location
AD script log files (e.g.from $INST_TOP/logs/appl/admin/log
CM Log Files ($APPLCSF/$APPLLOG) $INST_TOP/logs/appl/conc/log
AD tools log files (e.g. ADPATCH) $APPL_CONFIG_HOME/admin/$TWO_TASK/log
OPMN Log Files (text and ODL) $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.3/opmn/logs (may move to  $INST_TOP/logs/10.1.3/opmn)
Apache Log Files (text and ODL) $INST_TOP/logs/10.1.3/Apache/
OC4J Log Files (text) $INST_TOP/logs/10.1.3/j2ee/oacore/
OC4J Log Files (ODL) $INST_TOP/logs/10.1.3/j2ee/oacore/log/oacore_default_group_1/oc4j

Important configuration files :

Opmn.xml — > Details of all OC4J instances deployed and also log location.

Server.xml — > Details of all applications deployed under OC4J.
Paths to J2EE logging , RMI config files , JMS config files.

orion-applications.xml — > Details of all web modules deployed under that application.

orion-web.xml — > Details of all servlets aliases and their mapping to servlets classes.

Appsweb.cfg — > $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.2/forms/server


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